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Creating a dance school where everyone's welcome!

Our core belief is that through kind instructions and positive reinforcement – we are building a generation of dancers who perform to the very best of their ability. Equally, we teach our dancers to support and encourage each other toward reaching their personal potential.

All ages welcome (Ages 3+)

Discover the joy of dance, where everyone - starting from 3 years old is welcome to join our vibrant community.

Casual adult classes

Indulge your inner dancer with our casual adult classes. Get fit and make friends while learning from the best!

About us

Established in 2008, Grace Dance is the only dance school on the Sunshine Coast that offers classes in 2 locations across the Sunshine Coast: Bli Bli & Yandina. At Grace Dance, we are committed to encouraging students of all levels and abilities to strive for excellence through the art of dance & performing arts. Our goal is to teach our students that through dance, we build lifelong values: discipline, teamwork, strong self-esteem, perseverance & creativity.

What our families say about us...

Student classes (3-16yrs)

From beginner classes right through to senior performance & competitive dance teams, Grace Dance offers classes across both our dance studio locations – Bli Bli and Yandina.


The foundation of all dance styles, our ballet classes provide essential training in technique, posture, coordination, and muscular strength.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, our tap classes provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere where you can explore this vibrant dance style.


Jazz dance is a captivating and high-energy style that blends the technical elements of ballet with athleticism, expression, and rhythm.


Drawing inspiration from both classical ballet and modern dance, contemporary dance encourages dancers to explore their creativity and showcase their unique personal style.


With its energetic and and infectious energy, hip-hop dance offers an exciting and engaging experience for self-expression.

Muscial Theatre

In Musical Theatre class, students learn to express themselves creatively through a dynamic combination of singing, dancing, and acting skills.


Acrobatics is a captivating discipline that combines flexibility, strength, and balance to accomplish awe-inspiring skills.


Jazz dance is a captivating and high-energy style that blends the technical elements of ballet with athleticism, expression, and rhythm.

Free trial class for new students

Ready to Dance Baby ballet

Welcome to Baby Ballet starting from 3 years

Grace Dance is proud to offer Baby Ballet classes for ages 3 – 4 years old. Our focus is nurturing your child’s burgeoning passion for dance through a combined focus on their physical development and co-ordination, in a fun environment.

Fun, Engaging & Developing

Enjoy a front-row seat to your child learning to dance whilst simultaneously making friends and having fun.

Safe Enviroment

Our qualified teachers ensure that your child has the best possible first exposure to the beautiful world of dance! They will learn, be safe and thrive!

Meet our incredible dance teachers

The Grace Dance team is the most passionate on the Sunshine Coast! We are devoted to raising the next generation of creatives who want to express themselves through dance. Every Grace Dance teacher is screened, qualified and blue card certified while our syllabus is proudly accredited through ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing) and Acrobatic Arts. We strongly believe that quality communication with our families is key to a positive and fun experience.

Hayley Paine

Principle & Owner


Dance Teacher


Dance Teacher


Dance Teacher

Our studio locations

Bli Bli & Yandina Studios are both centrally located & easily accessible studios on the coast. See our locations below…
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We wholeheartedly believe that kindness and positive encouragement can make all the difference to a student while they are training. We train our dancers to be kind to each other and build each other up towards greatness.

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